(Jaws-Shark) Great White Shark               


        *Captain ken Grimshaw; 15,000 hr. ATP  pilot in Command of 44 years with an A&P license.  He is now retired,and a Global Help Save Sharks advocate.  a published author, and an Enrichment Speaker for Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines, Childrens' Library programs, and the producer of a new documentary " Great White Sharks of Montauk."  His 25 years of spotting and studying great White Sharks from his super cub, off Montauk, N. y., has made him and expert on these magnificent creatures .

  *Captain Grimshaw Spotting Great White Sharks and Whales from his Super Cub off Montauk,N.Y.


 *Captain Grimshaw's YOUTUBE Promo: Great White Sharks of Montauk Educational Documentary                    



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